Enterprise Technology

Technology Consulting

Over a decade of experience and $100M+ in enterprise technology sales across multiple verticals, has enabled partnerships with some of the finest organizations in the United States. Working closely with C-level , SVP, VP, and Corporate Counsel, John empowers organizations to challenge the status quo of their business; building value through white space selling, maximizing operating efficiencies, uncovering new revenue streams, and leveraging key differentiators to drive new economic models.

An expert in sales methodologies (such as Value Based Selling, the Challenger Sale, and Power Messaging), John has developed and restructured sales teams throughout the United States, created customer success frameworks, and reduced churn rates through the implementation of new pre and post sales processes.  John has worked with organizations of all shapes and sizes including the FBI, the Attorney General’s Office, public and private universities, start up businesses, and global corporations.


Technology Evangelizing

With a passion for justice, John is also frequent guest and speaker to legal organizations throughout the Southwest and he also is a provider of Continue Legal Education courses to lawyers throughout California, Arizona, Nevada, New Mexico, and Utah.

While each presentation is uniquely tailored to meet organizational needs; John maintains a clear focus on industry practices, economic models, and the influences of emerging technologies.  As a technology consultant to organizations of all shapes and sizes, John vests his partners  with a clear vision and quantifiable goals to realize productivity gains, manage software adoptions, reduce churn rates, and increase global profitability.